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Hello and welcome to my Second Life (SL) experience! In SL, I am Kaleb Avedon, a singer songwriter from the island of Puerto Rico pursuing my dream of singing my heart out to anyone who would lend me an ear. Although, in real Life (RL) what I am may be a different story, in here I can be who I want and do what I want with absolute freedom.

I have been writing songs since the age of 14, ever since my Dad came home that fateful day with a big brown box with my first guitar in it; one of the greatest presents he ever gave me. From that day on, I fell in love with the sweet sound a nice acoustic guitar makes as my fingers gently strum its strings for a tune and the freedom a blank piece of paper and a pen gives me when I write a new song.

In my life, I have always enjoyed the liberty music brings me.  Since I was a child, I enjoyed singing at school and at church. I studied different instruments before I picked up my acoustic guitar for the first time.  First it was the piano and then saxophone which I played in band in middle school. In high school, I sang and played my songs in different talent shows and school related activities.  I sang my way through college in the choir and took private singing lessons all through my undergraduate studies, which got me a minor in music when I graduated. Music is the only thing in my life that makes me feel that I belong and that I can FLY!

I always wanted to sing in public in RL, but I never had the guts until I came across a virtual world called Second Life, which finally gave me the hope to make my dreams a reality.  Although RL has kept me away from singing a good deal in SL, I have been blessed to have been able to sing at different clubs in SL and it would be wrong not to mention the first clubs who gave me my first shot at singing and who helped shape me as an SL singer; clubs like, Frank’s Elite Jazz Club, The Kickin’ Club and Greek Gold Lesbian Resort.  These clubs promote live music in SL and if you ever have a chance you should go and check them out. Some may not be there anymore, but that is the way SL is.


Consequently, as the years passed, my experience grew and so did my song list. I started out with 20 songs and now it has 106.  My repertoire has a wide range of songs in English and Spanish. From Elvis to Jewel Kilcher and from Shakira to Ricky Martin.  Each song possess a piece of the big picture of the music which has shaped me into the singer/songwriter that I am.

Come join me in Second Life where I give a few live shows every week.  Look at my calendar to see where I will be singing next.  If you come to one of my shows, you can be sure that I will sing any song you wish from my Song List and it will be done with a lot of love and heart felt passion. I hope to see you soon and together we can enjoy the gift of music! God speed, God Bless y que el Señor me los bendiga ahora y siempre!​


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